NAIT - Research Matters

Research Matters (RM) is a collaborative project between NAIT students and Dr. Yeung, developed to enhance clinical research across the country. RM provides a solution to the challenges and problems associated with acquiring a sufficient number of participants for clinical trials. By uniting researchers and participants, RM provides a common platform for sharing research-related content and enabling the general public to participate in clinical research studies.

This was the most complicated project I took part in while studying at NAIT. The project took 16 students 15 weeks to plan and implement. We worked 12 hours a week in class and countless hours outside of class at the Clareview Library on weekends.

NAIT - Intermediate Application Development

Application Development and Intermediate Application Development taught us to make enterprise applications with ASP.NET. We used the Entity Framework as well as OWIN to create a secure online store. This app used a three-layered architecture. Complicated transactions were handled in a business logic layer on the server while all database interactions were handled in a data access layer.

NAIT - Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development focused on the Java/Oracle environment. We used Bootstrap and PrimeFaces to build the webforms and ran our apps on Wildfly servers. This course offered a lot more on software testing and used JUnit to help us build our test suites.

NAIT - Other Class Work

Illustrations, Logos, and Other Visual Work

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